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Creatures of Cardiff, My Name Is Ian have already built a back catalogue that would have taken The Stone Roses millennia to mirror. Since 2010 their output of thirteen releases have dealt with break-ups, breakdowns, mysterious lion paintings and characters from the Tom Hanks movie Big. This restless productivity has seen genres including but not restricted to lo-fi, bedroom punk, garage rock, prog and anti-folk, all filtered through the pop-oriented cranium of frontman Reginald Foxwell.

My Name Is Ian joined Bubblewrap Collective in 2015 on schedule for their 14th and 15th releases, In The Best Case Scenario We’d Die At The Same Time and Now That’s What I Call My Name Is Ian, respectively. More than previous EPs and albums, In The Best Case… incorporates the songwriting presence of James Buzzanca (bass, vocals) and Joe Coleby (drums), resulting in epic, tight, bass-rich sonics akin to Mystery Jets, The Wave Pictures, Herman Dune and Arcade Fire. Atop of these sit Foxwell’s abstract, everyday lyrics exploring the relative speed of slugs, elephant death, human death and the end of the world altogether. Now That’s What I Call My Name Is Ian is comprised of fourteen of our favourite moments from the extensive back catalogue available to us; a well-deserved compilation for those unfortunate enough to have missed out amidst their frenetic delivery.

Cincinnati Cola was released in early 2017 as a T-shirt/Download combo and was swiftly followed up in 2018 with a vinyl release of The Point of No Return. In 2021, the band released Fantastic Company, which featured a much more electronic sound, with drummer Joe Coleby taking a larger role in arranging the music. Flanking Reginald Foxwell’s ever-incisive lead vocals are over 20 other singers including members of The Burning Hell, Quiet Marauder, HMS Morris and more. The aggregated effect of this production methodology, musicianship, and spirit of sonic adventurism is a warming, texturally deep and irresistibly catchy set of tracks straddling pop, hip-hop and experimental soundscapes. 2023 sees the release of the bands brand new album; Go Bananas Go Bananas Go Bananas Go Bananas Go Bananas. 

Impressively prolific and prolifically impressive, bittersweet but unbroken, My Name Is Ian require your immediate attention.